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Leasing principle
Whether expanding the production or renewing the machine park, important investments mean binding large amounts of capitals. Interesting is here leasing as service. While with LeaseForce we take charge of the acquisition costs, we acquire for our customers the desired machines, plants or vehicles and we allocate those goods to them and they use them for a fixed period by paying a monthly fee to use.

The advantages: our customers keep free liquidity and credits. They distribute the costs of the investment during the time they the value of the object. This brilliant principle is called „pay as you earn“, which means that the investment pays for itself. While Leasing contracts are concluded for a time, our customers can always adapt quickly and flexibly to new technologies.

Product leasing Comprises all movable capital goods which are manufactured as standard. We can offer five financing models to our customers: For all these areas you will find a sales staff who has been dealing with these goods for many years, has an extensive as well as up-to-date technical knowledge and are valuable contacts for you.
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