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Our independance
We never compromise
As a Leasing company, independent from banks and producers, we are just interested in finding the best solution for our customers instead of for banks and producers.
Our values
We back keenly on trust
As an owner-managed company, the well-being of our customers has an immediate and positive effect on us.
Our experience
We stend in the market as a highly professional team
Global knowledge and sound decision-making competence are shared features among the four LeaseForce directors, who can thereby even realize unconventional investments for the customers.
Our strength
We have money on our side
Our business activities
We know about all mobile goods
You find experienced and deducated contact persons in our house for the categories vehicle fleet and utility vehicle, individual production engineering, building industry, agriculture and forestry, recycling and medical engineering.
Our unique feature
We love niches
Niche markets are small, highly specialised economic sectors with their own principles. They often out of big leasing companies focus. In this niches we are seeking for market leadership or even reached it already.
LeaseForce AG Suisse
The Joint Venture
LeaseForce AG Suisse was founded as joint venture from LeaseForce AG Germany and Remo Baleri, head of Auto Züri West AG. An alternative way of financing for private and commercial customers on a level playing field, has been created with an extensive know how regarding financing and the knowledge of the market.
LeaseForce AG · Zürcherstrasse 143 · 8952 Schlieren
+41 (44) 51597-70
+41 (44) 51597-79