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job & carrer
We have a lot to offer
Beside the monthly salary, we offer our staff in the field an bonus based on the performance, a car for business trips and private use, a mobile phone and a laptop. But primarily we offer you to be a part of an agile team that works against the background of a positive and ethical value based code of conduct.
Additionally we offerchallenging duties for ambitious sales staff. Because our pursuit of being successful in niche markets and achieve market leadership demands incessant creativity, offensive and eager to lean engagement.
We benefitfrom this special engagement, because niche markets have their own behavior and stayed extensively unaffected by the deviation, uncertainty and crises of the big markets. Resulting to that our staff works in an wide positioned and crises-proof company
At the moment there are no vacancies.
LeaseForce AG · Zürcherstrasse 143 · 8952 Schlieren
+41 (44) 51597-70
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